Karim A.A. Khan QC
Prosecutor, International Criminal Court
Karim A.A. Khan QC

“We should strive to reach a time – without prevarication or delay – where gender parity and gender equality are so engrained in us and in human society that no comment is needed. Whilst progress has been made, we are far from this necessary state of affairs. Until then, we must work with determination and energy to ensure equality and fairness. This requires gender parity and gender equality, and to embrace diversity in all its forms. This necessary condition must also include gender parity in leadership roles. If we do this, I sincerely believe, we will achieve more as an institution and contribute our part to making a positive difference. Gender parity and equality, when achieved, is not remarkable. Rather, when not achieved, this glaring gap must be seen as a perpetual cloud over us. If we work together, I am convinced this goal can be attained, propelling the forward march of civilisation with greater force and impact.”

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.

I support the IGC gender-based violence pledge.

Personal Commitments

The Court Principals have also committed the ICC to adopt and start the process of implementation of this Strategy in 2022.
As part of the Generation Equality Forum Action Coalition on "Feminist movements and leadership", the Court Principals have committed the ICC to conduct extensive and comprehensive consultations in 2021-2022 on its first Strategy on Gender Equality and Workplace Culture.