In addition to the Panel Parity Pledge, each Gender Champion makes two individual annual commitments specific to moving gender equality forward in their organization.





Organize a follow up survey on staff perceptions about gender equality at UN Geneva to assess the impact of gender-related action over the past two years and inform the development of the UNOG gender equality policy after 2020.

Surrounding New Zealand’s Suffrage 125 celebration the Embassy will host one panel event to discuss strategic leadership, perspectives on advancement and the opportunities and challenges still before us in New Zealand.

Publish the UN-SWAP results for UN Geneva since 2014.

Promoting access to professional development training targeted towards enabling female judiciary staff members to develop career-enhancing leadership and management skills

Meet on a quarterly basis with a peer Permanent Representative to compare notes and share experiences on positive gender practices and share a gender-dimension on operational concerns.

Create at least 1 new aspirational program or event to help bring men into the greater gender equality movement as valued allies and fellow champions; augmenting Women@TheTable’s core work supporting and celebrating women and women’s groups who do ground-breaking heroic work bringing systemic change.

Create two new academia, or private sector, initiatives to strengthen our inclusive international community and focused on catalyzing systems change.

Continue to press for a significant improvement in gender balance, particularly at senior levels, in the staffing of Vienna Based Organizations, by delivering at least one national statement on this matter in each Organization.

As host state representative in Geneva, to encourage organisations and entities present in Geneva to strengthen gender equality, including by bringing new champions to the network.

I commit to ensuring that a sexual harassment in the work place training is provided to all staff.