In addition to the Panel Parity Pledge, each Gender Champion makes two individual annual commitments specific to moving gender equality forward in their organization.





Contribute to at least 2 gender equality events this year, preferably by co-organizing, sponsoring or participating actively.

Conduct a three-part workshop with business school students of a university in the Netherlands to share their views on different leadership concepts with respect to their compatibility to gender equality. Part A: discussion with female students, Part B: discussion with male students, Part C: discussion of outcome of Part A and B with all participants.

Conduct a workshop to assess levels of awareness and perceptions in relation to gender equality with a particular emphasis on balancing work-life/family processes.

Surrounding New Zealand’s Suffrage 125 celebration the Embassy will host one panel event to discuss strategic leadership, perspectives on advancement and the opportunities and challenges still before us in New Zealand.

To organize at least three gender equality-related events, such as thematic conferences and networking gatherings, at the residency and embassy of the Netherlands, as well as together with other Permanent Missions, civil society and Vienna-based organizations.

Canada will systematically advocate for meaningful commitments on gender equality and women’s empowerment in resolutions, statements, and side events throughout the year across UN bodies, including the Security Council, the General Assembly, and ECOSOC.

Improve women's representation in the membership of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, by appointing more globally recognised women leaders in 2019.

Systematically and consistently advocate for gender balance in all international fora where disarmament issues are discussed and negotiated. Research from UNIDIR has shown that there continues to be a very significant gender imbalance in the representation of official delegations in disarmament fora.

Encouraging and supporting women entrepreneur’s contributions and transform their local communities by providing opportunities available for them such as, (a) by helping expose their products/ services through trade exhibitions available in the Netherlands (b) by increasing their recognition by connecting them through networking and social events;

Hosting at least one public diplomacy event every year which focuses on an aspect or aspects of the gender equality agenda.