In addition to the Panel Parity Pledge, each Gender Champion makes two individual annual commitments specific to moving gender equality forward in their organization.





Systematically advocate for gender responsive language and action in resolutions, working groups, training programs and more throughout the Arms Trade Treaty process.

Introduce a mentorship programme tailored for female staff working at the Court in order to assist those who wish to benefit from the programme with their career advancement

Promoting access to professional development training targeted towards enabling female judiciary staff members to develop career-enhancing leadership and management skills

Advocate the integration of the gender perspective into programmes and activities of the Republic of Korea aimed at achieving peace and prosperity and protecting and promoting human rights around the world.

Work with governments to ensure robust implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty’s historic gender-based violence criteria.

In country visits meet with networks of women who use drugs in order to highlight the need for women to access tailored harm reduction services and address the impact of over-incarceration of women for drug-related offences.

In our dialogue with, and in governing boards of, international organisations in Geneva, encourage organisations to: 1) attain gender balance at management levels (P5 or equivalent and above) through both short- and long term measures, including the creation of a more conducive work environment, and 2) integrate the gender dimension in programmes, policies, and normative and operational work.

ICMP will undertake a media and public outreach campaign to raise global awareness about the gender implications of the missing persons issue.

Hosting at least one public diplomacy event every year which focuses on an aspect or aspects of the gender equality agenda.

Encourage and promote among staff the importance of participating in activities related to gender equality by registering at least one member in two gender equality fora/conference/seminar per year