In addition to the Panel Parity Pledge, each Gender Champion makes two individual annual commitments specific to moving gender equality forward in their organization.





Organize “Gender awareness trainings” for staff of my Office

Create a working environment at the ICRC delegation to the UN in New York where women can thrive. The ICRC working environment in NY is: 1. compatible and friendly to work-family life balance through flexible work arrangements and sensitivity in scheduling of meeting times 2. supportive of women in leadership roles offering a) more autonomy in their current roles b) new opportunities c) mentoring.

Create at least 1 new aspirational program or event to help bring men into the greater gender equality movement as valued allies and fellow champions; augmenting Women@TheTable’s core work supporting and celebrating women and women’s groups who do ground-breaking heroic work bringing systemic change.

Create two new academia, or private sector, initiatives to strengthen our inclusive international community and focused on catalyzing systems change.

I commit to ensuring that a sexual harassment in the work place training is provided to all staff.

Empowering women nurses-by exporting nursing and care giving health services from Indonesia to the Netherlands which not only addresses employment opportunity but also address health care security;

I commit to promote gender equality in recruitment process and all upcoming projects.

I will encourage inclusive discussions and support measures to promote gender equality in the Embassy and international organizations.

Organize training for my embassy staff members about gender awareness, unnoticed biases, and the importance of open discussion about the foregoing subjects.

Strive to raise awareness for the importance of gender equality in all relevant public statements and speeches, especially in international organisations such as the OPCW and the ICC.