In addition to the Panel Parity Pledge, each Gender Champion makes two individual annual commitments specific to moving gender equality forward in their organization.





I commit to promote gender equality in recruitment process and all upcoming projects.

I will encourage inclusive discussions and support measures to promote gender equality in the Embassy and international organizations.

Organize training for my embassy staff members about gender awareness, unnoticed biases, and the importance of open discussion about the foregoing subjects.

Strive to raise awareness for the importance of gender equality in all relevant public statements and speeches, especially in international organisations such as the OPCW and the ICC.

ICMP will seek to incorporate in other country programs the successful activities it has already undertaken in Iraq in the context of UN Resolution 1325 on women peace and security. These activities identify and address the disproportionate impact of conflict on women and girls.

Advocating for the incorporation of the gender perspective in every aspect of Ireland’s work at international organisations in The Hague, including advocacy for the inclusion of commitments on gender equality in statements and resolutions.

In job categories or sections where one gender is particularly under-represented (or unrepresented), I will work with the managers and human resources to identify appropriate outreach mechanisms to identify and attract candidates for future recruitment exercises.

As the Hiring Authority for the Mechanism, I will encourage hiring managers for all positions to recommend equal numbers of female and male candidates for each selection exercise, and where that is not possible, I will require written explanations. In job categories or sections where one gender is particularly under-represented (or unrepresented), I will encourage hiring managers to prioritize recommending candidates of that gender, and require explanations where that is not possible.

To promote women’s leadership in our organisation by endorsing a mentorship-partnership programme and by actively seeking women’s views in all aspects of Embassy work

Propel social change by creating two unusual partner alliances –such as with companies, religious leaders, politician, business leaders, and media to create open societies and accepting workplaces where women and women identified persons feel valued, respected and can contribute as equally.