In addition to the Panel Parity Pledge, each Gender Champion makes two individual annual commitments specific to moving gender equality forward in their organization.





A financial target of 15% of our organizational resources towards the advancement of gender equality to ensure that Hivos programs and partners comprehensively integrate gender equality and women’s empowerment into their work and produce disaggregated data (sex, gender, age) as an essential element to ensure measurement.

Promote gender equality and diversity within my own organization through appropriate hiring decisions, mentoring, and training, including participation in the ministry-wide women's network and providing mentoring to candidates in promotion processes.

All capacity building and peer-to-peer initiatives with national prosecutors will integrate gender-inclusive approaches to investigating and prosecuting international crimes and will be delivered by gender-balanced teams. I further commit to working with partners to promote gender balance among project beneficiaries.

Promouvoir de manière constante et déterminée l’égalité de genre dans le cadre des activités de l’Ambassade, que ce soit dans le cadre de nos relations bilatérales avec les Pays-Bas à tous les niveaux ou dans le cadre des travaux des organisations et cours internationales siégeant à La Haye et auxquelles la France participe.

Supporting the development of the legal framework necessary for the full realization of the UN System-wide Strategy on Gender Parity.

WSSCC will ensure gender parity within WSSCC governance and advisory bodies.

Work with Geneva based multilateral organisations to ensure that they have robust and transparent systems in place to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse, specifically seeking pledges from senior policy makers.

Viser la parité dans la composition de l'équipe de la Représentation permanente de la Francophonie auprès des Nations Unies à Genève d’ici la fin de mon mandat.

I will pursue bi-monthly meetings with UNISDR’s Gender Focal Point to scale up programme deliveries around gender as well as UNISDR Staff’s awareness, commitment and ownership of gender issues, and address gender issues in the workplace requiring management’s attention.

Commit to speaking out boldly and continually for girls, women, and gender equality, including placing sexual and reproductive health as its bedrock. This will happen in 10 keynote speeches and 10 interviews, as well as in 7 advisory roles to the 2018 G7, corporations, and governments.