In addition to the Panel Parity Pledge, each Gender Champion makes two individual annual commitments specific to moving gender equality forward in their organization.





Seek gender balance in our staff and in our network of collaborating researchers.

Promote and maintain a culture that embraces gender parity, women's empowerment and diversity.

I pledge to contribute to the empowerment of women and to address existing disparities between men and women, with a view to eventually achieving gender equality and I am dedicated to help to facilitate provision of additional educational and professional opportunities for girls and women.

I commit both myself and UNAIDS to do more to prevent and address sexual harassment. I commit to establishing an external high-level independent panel made up of women leaders, civil society, government partners and experts, to provide, within 30 days, recommendations to UNAIDS to further strengthen its implementation of its zero-tolerance policy and to serve as a force for change in the UN system and beyond.

Create synergies with other Permanent Missions, UN specialized agencies and civil society aiming to raise awareness and promote gender equality through a variety of gender empowering and action-oriented initiatives, including resolutions, joint statements and side-events, that would enable us to map progress achieved. Also, work together to eradicate sexual abuse and exploitation in international organizations and NGOs, while guaranteeing that comprehensive policies, rigorous standards and codes of conduct at global and national levels are put into place.

Advocate for gender balanced panels across all UN engagements.

To promote at the Permanent Mission of Switzerland a work environment which favors equal opportunities and where there is zero tolerance for sexual harassment, abuse and exploitation.

Ensure that members of the CHS Alliance have Codes of Conduct that include Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA) and that they measure their performance in this regard using the self-assessment tool of the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS).

As part of our efforts to enhance our Enterprise Risk Management framework, I will present to the board by May 2018 a course of action to raise awareness at all levels of the organisation and stamp out any and all sexual harassment that might occur in the organisation.

Promote gender diversity in senior management positions, aiming that 50% of Board and manager positions are held by women and guaranteeing that at least 40% of such positions are held by women. Promote and enable flexible work arrangements, including through the adoption and implementation of an organisational policy on flexible working arrangements.