In addition to the Panel Parity Pledge, each Gender Champion makes two individual annual commitments specific to moving gender equality forward in their organization.





Promote gender equality and diversity within my own organization through appropriate hiring decisions, mentoring, and training, including participation in the ministry-wide women's network and providing mentoring to candidates in promotion processes.

Reach out to and engage at least 3 colleagues from the Indo-Pacific to join the International Gender Champions – The Hague.

To raise awareness about gender mainstreaming within the organization, by December 2018 establish a gender coordination committee to provide an open forum for male and female staff to share information and experiences and to make recommendations to the Registrar.

In 2019, the Embassy of Italy in The Hague will launch a networking group of female Italian managers and entrepreneurs in the Netherlands.

I will consistently advocate for including a gender-dimension in my daily work and in every speech and presentation I deliver this year.

Organize a Women's Leadership Workshop for female professionals at HRW’s Annual Cross-Cutting retreat in February 2019 and an information meeting with all staff on HRW Geneva’s role with the IGC, with a view to encouraging staff in other offices to integrate the principles into their work.

Achieving and maintaining gender parity for staff at all professional levels within the Office of Legal Affairs.

Work with Geneva based multilateral organisations to ensure that they have robust and transparent systems in place to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse, specifically seeking pledges from senior policy makers.

To ensure wherever possible that women candidatures for international organizations are given the support. Furthermore, in all public statements place particular stress on gender issues be it in education, human rights, humanitarian, migration, health and trade fora.

Commit to devote particular attention to the specific situation of women and girls and gender dimensions in Austria’s initiatives, and continually introduce gender aspects in our discussions at UN organisations in Geneva.