In addition to the Panel Parity Pledge, each Gender Champion makes two individual annual commitments specific to moving gender equality forward in their organization.





Hold at least two events to discuss gender perspectives in the context of disarmament activities (e.g.: a series of discussions on Gender in Disarmament, aimed at challenging the problematic gender identities and patriarchal construction often manifest in the field of national security/militarism, and at examining gendered effects of the use/trade of weapons).

I will ensure a gender perspective is mainstreamed in every speech/presentation I deliver this year.

Ensure that at least 30% of participants in IPU Assemblies are women and that all decision-making structures of the IPU reach 40% by 2020.

With support from the ITC SheTrades Initiative and supporters of the Buenos Aires Declaration on Trade and Women’s Economic Empowerment, share best practices and build the evidence base for more inclusive trade through a series of 6 seminars on: a. Gender-Based Analysis of Trade Policy; b. Enhancing Women Entrepreneurs’ Participation in Public Procurement; c. Connecting Women Entrepreneurs to International Value Chains; d. Promoting Financial Inclusion for Women; e. Women and Trade in Trade Agreements; and f. Women in Digital Trade; as well as create a guide, in the form of a publication for MC12 in December 2019, to help policy-makers, trade and investment institutions, and businesses make trade more gender-responsive (points a, b, and c to be completed in 2018).

Hold two events focused on the role of women in nuclear (e.g. a salon dinner at the ambassador level and a public event).

Committed to organizing at least one side event or meeting with a gender-dimension

To ensure wherever possible that women candidatures for international organizations are given the support. Furthermore, in all public statements place particular stress on gender issues be it in education, human rights, humanitarian, migration, health and trade fora.

In 2018 I will promote gender mainstreaming and women empowerment by actively participating in panels, round tables and other formal and informal discussions within the areas covered by my diplomatic Mission. I will strongly advocate for including gender equality in main discussions and negotiations at the UN Agencies and other International Organizations based in Vienna.

Mainstreaming gender issues throughout our work and support resolutions of the Human Rights Council.

I commit promoting gender equality by being proactive and maintaining conversation on the matter both in the Mission and in international organizations. Remaining reflexive on issues concerning diversity is essential and can be advanced by drawing attention to female participation in decision-making bodies and especially avoiding all-male panels.