In addition to the Panel Parity Pledge, each Gender Champion makes two individual annual commitments specific to moving gender equality forward in their organization.





I'm committed to work with partners and women's groups to facilitate the identification of good practices on gender and disaster risk reduction (“Women and Girls’ voices in disaster risk reduction”) and their promotion at the 2018 Regional Platforms (see attached calendar) and the 2019 Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (13-17 May 2019, Geneva)

I will pursue bi-monthly meetings with UNISDR’s Gender Focal Point to scale up programme deliveries around gender as well as UNISDR Staff’s awareness, commitment and ownership of gender issues, and address gender issues in the workplace requiring management’s attention.

Commit to speaking out boldly and continually for girls, women, and gender equality, including placing sexual and reproductive health as its bedrock. This will happen in 10 keynote speeches and 10 interviews, as well as in 7 advisory roles to the 2018 G7, corporations, and governments.

Strive to organise staff meetings or public events during working hours where possible.

Consistently advocate for gender equality and mainstreaming by raising and supporting gender-related issues in meetings and other fora that I attend.

Participate personally or through a staff member in at least two activities outside the mission that are aimed at advancing gender equality per year.

Present a strong voice on gender equality, women and girl's rights, and sexual and reproductive health and rights by IPPF's Member Associations at the Universal Periodic Review.

Mainstreaming gender issues throughout our work and support resolutions of the Human Rights Council.

I commit promoting gender equality by being proactive and maintaining conversation on the matter both in the Mission and in international organizations. Remaining reflexive on issues concerning diversity is essential and can be advanced by drawing attention to female participation in decision-making bodies and especially avoiding all-male panels.

Participate in or support activities and initiatives prioritizing gender equaltiy such as side events, resolutions and joint statements.