In addition to the Panel Parity Pledge, each Gender Champion makes two individual annual commitments specific to moving gender equality forward in their organization.





Research from UNIDIR has shown that there continues to be a very significant gender imbalance in the representation of official delegations in disarmament fora. Systematically and consistently advocate for gender balance in all international fora where disarmament issues are discussed and negotiated, with references to the important of gender balance in all national statements.

Continue to press for a significant improvement in gender balance, particularly at senior levels, in the staffing of UN organisations involved in nuclear safety and security issues. Ensure strong participation by men in debates and events on gender related issues.

To organise an event once a year to foster awareness and promotion of gender parity within the UN Community.

For side events held at UNFCCC conferences, selection criteria will continue to include the applicant's track record of gender balance on previous side event panels. All applicants will be made aware of the Panel Parity Pledge.

To host at least one annual event at CERN dealing with an important issue for women’s empowerment in science, engineering and technology.

In our dialogue with, and in governing boards of, international organizations in Geneva, encourage organizations to: 1) Attain gender balance at management levels (P5 or equivalent and above) through both short- and long term measures, including the creation of a more conducive work environment, 2) Integrate the gender dimension in programmes, policies, and normative and operational work, and 3) Put in place comprehensive and transparent policies to prevent and address sexual abuse and exploitation.

To (co)organize at least one public event on gender equality-related issues in Geneva, with participation from Vilnius or my own.

To contribute to cohesion and synergy between processes in Geneva and at home, for at least one event taking place in Lithuania on gender equality-related issues will undertake to secure visible and meaningful expert participation from the Geneva-based international organizations.