In addition to the Panel Parity Pledge, each Gender Champion makes two individual annual commitments specific to moving gender equality forward in their organization.





Mainstreaming gender issues throughout our work and support resolutions of the Human Rights Council.

I commit promoting gender equality by being proactive and maintaining conversation on the matter both in the Mission and in international organizations. Remaining reflexive on issues concerning diversity is essential and can be advanced by drawing attention to female participation in decision-making bodies and especially avoiding all-male panels.

Participate in or support activities and initiatives prioritizing gender equaltiy such as side events, resolutions and joint statements.

Promote gender parity/equality in all public statements that we make in appropriate forums (HRC, UNHCR, UN ECE, WIPO).

Participate in events on gender issues at the United Nations and outside the United Nations

Organise at least one gender-related event at the Singapore Mission or the United Nations in the next 12 months

Building on my previous work as a Gender Champion, I will organize workshops and other forms of engagement with young adults (age 15 - 18). My goal is to raise their awareness about gender equality, to brainstorm with them about challenges and solutions in relation to gender inequality, and provide them with tools and confidence to effectively fight gender inequality as they move towards university and, later, the workplace.

Bring WBG gender experts to inform the Geneva dialogues at least once a year/ Share WBG knowledge and data on the gender and development agenda with the Geneva community by organizing at least one event that showcase the WBG’s active role in promoting gender equality

To work towards promoting references to women’s empowerment across the different fora of the UN, as part of our efforts to bring human rights-related issues to the Security Council.

Whenever the Mission hosts/organizes meetings and workshops, it will pay due attention to gender balance in terms of key participants, thereby enhancing women’s participation.