In addition to the Panel Parity Pledge, each Gender Champion makes two individual annual commitments specific to moving gender equality forward in their organization.





Advocate for gender balanced panels across all UN engagements.

To promote the visibility of women in different fora by encouraging female delegates to deliver statements on behalf of the Vietnamese delegation in meetings in Geneva. The measures aim to achieve at least 10% of all statements to be delivered by female delegates.

Have at least two debates at the Human Rights Film Festival centered around women's rights and/or gender equality, partnering with at least 3 different women’s organizations and NGO’s.

Identify no less than 15 progressive and courageous women and invite them to Geneva. We will make sure that on the framework of their participation to the Human Rights Film Festival they also have strategic meetings and sponsorship opportunities.

Host at least two side-events per year with the focus on women and girls economic and political empowerment.

Contribute to at least 2 gender equality events this year, preferably by speaking/active participation.

Support the resolutions of the Human Rights Council strengthening gender equality, provided the language is ambitious enough, and promoting this principle in our positions and public engagements in Geneva, whenever relevant.

Organise at least one event per year on gender issues.

Support and facilitate the establishment of an official Women in Nuclear (WiN) chapter in Israel, aimed at creating a network of Israeli women working in fields related to nuclear energy. In 2018 we aim to hold a launching event.

Endeavor to improve women's representation in GICHD trainings and workshops by at least 10 percent, as a step towards promoting gender balance and diverse participation.