In addition to the Panel Parity Pledge, each Gender Champion makes two individual annual commitments specific to moving gender equality forward in their organization.





Provide voice and visibility to women affected by and working in conflict, by creating a virtual platform.

15 events in Geneva with key remarks on gender equality for girls, and on empowerment and well-being for adolescent girls in order to influence analysis, information sharing and decision making in support of girls and women’s rights.

Progress towards total gender parity of UNITAR training beneficiaries by achieving a gender ratio of 50% male to 50% female beneficiaries (including peacekeeping training participants) by end of 2018.

Advocate for and mobilise resources to ensure young, bright, and innovative women – who are at economically and socially disadvantaged – have a voice and contribute to our multilateral work here in Geneva.

Launch an initiative (workshop/speaking opportunity) in high schools focusing on Preventing Gender Based Violence starting with 2 schools for 2018/2019 .

Conduct an assessment on working practices within the Office of the Prosecutor to identify gender-based needs with a view to developing a future work plan as needed.

Ensure consideration is given by all Australian officials working in Geneva to apply a gender lens to their work, including in 1) the make-up of delegations and 2) the development of statements.

Strengthen gender mainstreaming in Justice Rapid Response’s work by providing Sexual and Gender-based Violence Justice expertise to over 50% of JRR missions conducted in 2018.

Promote, in country visits, by meeting with the networks of women who use drugs; highlighting the need for women to access tailored harm reduction services; and addressing the impact of over-incarceration of women for drug-related offences.

Scope the need for a new digital media platform in the Middle East engaging millennials, to complement innovative ongoing media work which challenges harmful gender norms through 'edutainment’ and create safe online and off-line spaces for societal debates on the role of women (and men) in society. Encourage influencers, business leaders and others in my personal and professional networks to support more visibility and funding for this kind of work.