In addition to the Panel Parity Pledge, each Gender Champion makes two individual annual commitments specific to moving gender equality forward in their organization.





Through gender responsive policies and practices, to offer and regularly monitor a work environment where people of all genders and backgrounds can contribute meaningfully to the organisation, are empowered to perform at their best, and can be professionally satisfied.

Personally lead at least four discussions over the year with different groups of staff members to raise awareness about sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse in the workplace, and ways to combat and prevent them.

Operationalize the Network of Women Leaders in the UN Nairobi Duty Station, including by organizing at least one meeting of the Network every two months, with a view to helping women advance in their careers at all levels of the ladder.

Continue enhancing the gender balance at our New York Office through the human resources management process.

Generate a list of female experts on UNVIE’s thematic areas to turn to when speaker panels are being formed in an effort to eliminate all-male panels in Vienna.

Host a training on confronting and mitigating unconscious bias training for the personnel of all three U.S. missions in Vienna.

Strengthen gender awareness of ECE's senior managers through conducting a training on unconscious gender bias and following up with discussions as part of their performance review.

Open up virtual and in-person safe spaces for young women and women to be supported as they speak up and denounce sexual harassment and amplify their voices through at least 3 media engagements, the World YWCA work with missions in Geneva and the set-up of a support and report mechanism inspired by human-rights based principles and the World YWCA Safe Space model.

Maintain gender balance in recruitment and staffing at all management levels at the Mission of Israel.

To promote a work environment at our Mission that values equal opportunity, a positive work-life balance, and that calls out everyday sexism and harassment, including through the development of a women in leadership strategy and unconscious bias training for all staff by the end of 2018.