In addition to the Panel Parity Pledge, each Gender Champion makes two individual annual commitments specific to moving gender equality forward in their organization.





Maintain gender balance in my Branch tapping into both short- and long term measures, including the creation of a more conducive work environment, coaching arrangements and work-life balance for women, parents or other situations that require new work methodologies; producing an aggregate of results in the implementation of this goal.

Ensure consideration is given by all Australian officials working in Geneva to apply a gender lens to their work, including in 1) the make-up of delegations and 2) the development of statements.

To set-up a monitoring and evaluation system to capture how workplace gender equality has broader impacts in society.

Design and implement a dedicated area of the WINS website by 1st July 2018 to promote gender equality and build professional networks.

Commitment to achieving gender parity in the RBM Partnership leadership positions and partnership mechanisms (Board members, Partner Committee Co-Chairs, RBM Secretariat management team).

I commit to ZERO tolerance in Sexual Harassment in UN-Habitat. I promise that every colleague in UN-Habitat, particularly those in regional and country offices, will have clear and safe channels to raise issues relating to sexual harassment in the workplace. We will provide clarity on where and who to speak to, with a promise of action on confirmed cases.

In our dialogue with, and in governing boards of, international organizations in Geneva, encourage organizations to: 1) Attain gender balance at management levels (P5 or equivalent and above) through both short- and long term measures, including the creation of a more conducive work environment, 2) Integrate the gender dimension in programmes, policies, and normative and operational work, and 3) Put in place comprehensive and transparent policies to prevent and address sexual abuse and exploitation.

Creating a safe working environment and a culture of prevention on sexual harassment and abuse.

Dedicate two hours each month to mentor and empower at least one young woman in advancing her career aspirations and report on it.

Carry out two workshops for IOM staff, both in Geneva and in another regional hub, on unconscious bias and inclusive leadership.