In addition to the Panel Parity Pledge, each Gender Champion makes two individual annual commitments specific to moving gender equality forward in their organization.





In 2020 WINS will increase the participation of women in all of its programmes to 30% from the current level of participation of 25% through the use of social media and WINS website to promote positive stories from women in the sector and by highlighting the broad range of career paths available in the sector.

Develop an Administrative Issuance and accompanying guidance note for UNIDO to end all-male events and promote equal representation of women.

Provide support for gender equality and gender mainstreaming efforts at the Australian Permanent Mission’s multilateral accreditations by advocating for dedicated gender teams and focal points at all organisations and for sufficient resources to support these efforts, working with other missions to establish a gender equality ‘toolkit’ for focal points to provide support, guidance and mentoring for female employees, sharing information, guidance and lessons learned from the Australian Government and providing contact details for organisations and forums in Vienna to share ideas and best practices.

Strive for a balance of work and family life for both women and men by ensuring rationality and predictability of daily routines, internal coordination meetings, timeframes or deadlines.

To advocate for gender equality in the various multilateral organizations in Vienna, including but not limited to: highlighting the importance of gender equality in national statements, interventions and meetings, as appropriate, as well as drafting of resolutions related to gender equality.

To promote diplomacy as a viable career option for young women, by engaging with French civil society organisations and political figures. With this goal in mind, I commit to posting an interview or blogpost on the IGC website.

Launching a social media campaign to inform women and girls about the possibilities and opportunities of working in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and to encourage them to pursue such careers.

Collaborate with Trade Impact Group members to create learning opportunities for public and private stakeholders on topics reflected in the Buenos Aires Declaration on Women and Trade.

Keep gender equality and women’s empowerment high on the agenda in all official functions at the UN and in public outreach activities.

Provide opportunities for female members of the Mission to take on roles of responsibility and give visibility to their work.