In addition to the Panel Parity Pledge, each Gender Champion makes two individual annual commitments specific to moving gender equality forward in their organization.





Ensure a healthy work-life balance for all employees, both women and men, by investing in technologies and a working culture that facilitates working from home.

Organise "A day with an Ambassador" for female interns to mentor them and encourage and support them in their career in this line of work.

Publish the UN-SWAP results for UN Geneva since 2014.

Periodically assess the Mechanism’s internal policies and procedures to ensure they promote equity and protection for all, and fully support the Mechanism’s Gender Focal Point in all its activities.

Within my Embassy create and support flexible working hours to balance our professional and personal lives. To share our work/life practice with our Ministry colleagues after a six month implementation period.

Support a Gender Innovation Challenge open to UNOG staff to bring about innovative and concrete proposals to foster gender equality at UNOG.

Introduce a mentorship programme tailored for female staff working at the Court in order to assist those who wish to benefit from the programme with their career advancement

Organize “Gender awareness trainings” for staff of my Office

Promoting access to professional development training targeted towards enabling female judiciary staff members to develop career-enhancing leadership and management skills

To strengthen an equality based working atmosphere through activities such as: yearly gender equity related trainings, treating all staff members equally, no gender bias and aiming for gender parity among staff, including in management positions.