In addition to the Panel Parity Pledge, each Gender Champion makes two individual annual commitments specific to moving gender equality forward in their organization.





Ensuring that key steps are taken to implement the Lutheran World Federation gender justice policy.

Provide individualized support for career and professional development to a minimum of five women per year between P3 and P5 levels at WIPO, prioritizing those with supervisory responsibilities.

Step up efforts to ensure that gender equality is part and parcel of the IPU's work and functioning, including by: a) Operationalising a gender mainstreaming tool for all programmes of support to parliaments by 2018; b) Carrying out an assessment of the work environment at the IPU from a gender perspective in 2018; c) Track and publicly report on the gender composition of all panels that the IPU organises at regional and international meetings; d) Continue to organize “Parity Debates” during IPU Assemblies, where there is gender parity on the panel and gender balance among participants

In order to allow women and men to spend less time getting to and from work, thus creating a better work life balance FEI staff members (full-time & part-time) will be allowed to work one day a week from home.

Promote policies and best practices for equal pay for jobs of equal value for women and men by organising an event: Equal Pay Day in UNECE region, 26 March 2018, Palais des Nations

Mainstream a gender perspective in every speech/presentation I make, and track and report on the gender composition of all panels we organize in New York in 2018.

Launch a global consultation framed and led by young women to better understand the issues and opportunities that are at the heart of their experiences in the world today and the ways they want to organise to be champions of change.

Achieve an average of 50% female participation in the VCDNP biannual training courses on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament, and feature female speakers in 8 of the VCDNP’s Monthly Seminar Series.

Deliver gender-equality focused activities (research, assessments, technical assistance, training and advice) to at least ten organisations in the mine action sector.

Ensure a healthy work-life balance for all employees, both women and men, by investing in technologies and a working culture that facilitates working from home.