In addition to the Panel Parity Pledge, each Gender Champion makes two individual annual commitments specific to moving gender equality forward in their organization.





Promote an organizational culture that supports both women and men to achieve work-life balance and respects their rights and contributions to a positive work environment

Support a gender-responsive process for the development of the post-2020 global biodiversity framework, including through ensuring gender is addressed in regional and global consultations, and in communications, information and outreach In line with the Sharm El-Sheikh to Kunming Action Agenda for Nature and People, raise public awareness about the role of gender equality and empowerment in stemming biodiversity loss, restoring biodiversity health and ecosystem services, and advancing innovative approaches for sustainable development

Undertake at least one country mission a year focused on women, peace and security and development

Raise the issue of gender balanced delegations with Member States who come with all male delegations to meetings.

I will ensure a gender-sensitive approach is embedded in the design and implementation of all ICTJ’s programs.

I will systematically advocate for gender-sensitive policies on transitional justice processes throughout the year.

Meet on a quarterly basis with a peer Permanent Representative to compare notes and share experiences on positive gender practices and share a gender-dimension on operational concerns.

Create a working environment at the ICRC delegation to the UN in New York where women can thrive. The ICRC working environment in NY is: 1. compatible and friendly to work-family life balance through flexible work arrangements and sensitivity in scheduling of meeting times 2. supportive of women in leadership roles offering a) more autonomy in their current roles b) new opportunities c) mentoring.

Promote a culture of gender equality through empowerment, upliftment, training and raising awareness of employment opportunities for Namibians in International Organisations.

Encourage gender balance amongst Namibian delegations attending meetings/conferences at the United Nations, and other International Organisations in Geneva, as well as in events organised by the Permanent Mission of Namibia to the United Nations in Geneva