In addition to the Panel Parity Pledge, each Gender Champion makes two individual annual commitments specific to moving gender equality forward in their organization.





That the events programme of my embassy and permanent missions for the upcoming year be gender balanced.

Leadership and Accountability: As the Norwegian representative in Hague, encourage inclusive discussions and support measures to promote gender equality in the Embassy, international organizations and partners we co-operate with

Meetings and Conferences: Aim for gender equal participation in panels and presentations, including effort to ensure men’s participation in debates and events on gender related issues.

IDLO will strengthen the recruitment of women in the judiciary and legal professions, including by strengthening knowledge on the barriers and pathways for women in the justice sector and by enhancing the capacity of women justice actors. Specifically, it will: Disseminate the findings of it global research on enhancing participation of women justice professionals by organizing policy events at global or local levels (2 per year); Launch country-specific studies on contributions and barriers women justice professionals face when delivering justice (2).

IDLO will improve gender mainstreaming in its programmes by institutionalizing gender expertise and a gender perspective in throughout its policy advocacy, research and learning, and field-based programming and work. IDLO will ensure the full implementation of its Gender Strategy. In particular, it will: Build program staff expertise and capacity to integrate gender in their work (at least 3 workshops/training a year); Develop an issue paper on a priority gender and justice concern (women and customary and informal justice); Organize policy events on justice for women at the global and country levels, including processes relating to the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action (at least 2 events a year).

Veiller, autant que faire se peut, à une parité exemplaire dans le cadre du recrutement du personnel de l’ambassade.

Promouvoir de manière constante et déterminée l’égalité de genre dans le cadre des activités de l’Ambassade, que ce soit dans le cadre de nos relations bilatérales avec les Pays-Bas à tous les niveaux ou dans le cadre des travaux des organisations et cours internationales siégeant à La Haye et auxquelles la France participe.

WSSCC will monitor and report results of gender equity-related indicators in strategic frameworks, programmes and projects

WSSCC will ensure Gender Parity within WSSCC Governance and Advisory bodies

I will continue to advocate for gender responsive policies at the World Trade Organisation, specifically in the context of the Joint Statement initiatives, where I will promote the integration of women’s empowerment into all initiatives.