In addition to the Panel Parity Pledge, each Gender Champion makes two individual annual commitments specific to moving gender equality forward in their organization.





Pursue gender budgeting in the next twelve months as a means to achieve greater equality and inclusion.

Achieve gender parity in Canadian appointments to the board of International Financial Institutions for which the Minister of Finance is governor, and to instruct these appointees to prioritise gender equality in their work at these institutions.

To improve gender equality in international diplomacy and the technology community through addressing the topic during the organization of and participation in all events, initiatives, activities and collaborations. I will continue to commit myself to the IGC Panel Parity Pledge and to encourage others to commit to equality.

To support and participate in international events aimed at improving gender equality. For example, in The Hague in 2020 I will be participating in a panel on "AI and Diversity" during the Winter Academy on AI and International Law as well as a gender equality event with the UN Youth Impact regarding SDG #5.

I commit to remain final approver for all recruitment until we have achieved gender parity.

I commit to undertake meetings with senior managers every six months to review overall progress on gender parity and mainstreaming.

Mentor and sponsor at least two female professionals in the public policy field, so they can improve their performance and secure opportunities that advance their careers.

Organise seminars and other activities to raise awareness among young adults in the Geneva region about gender equality and, especially, to explore practical actions and strategies they can apply to improve gender equality in their workplace and environment.

UNRWA will ensure compulsory- e-learning on awareness of gender-related frameworks for all senior managers.

UNRWA will reach 40% of women in the P.5 and above staff category by the end of 2020.