In addition to the Panel Parity Pledge, each Gender Champion makes two individual annual commitments specific to moving gender equality forward in their organization.





Hold at least two events to discuss gender perspectives in the context of disarmament activities (e.g.: a series of discussions on Gender in Disarmament, aimed at challenging the problematic gender identities and patriarchal construction often manifest in the field of national security/militarism, and at examining gendered effects of the use/trade of weapons).

Promote work-family life balance through: 1) Early information and advance notice of meetings to enhance predictability and planning, and 2) Avoid calling meetings taking place during evenings, weekends and public holidays.

Design and implement a dedicated area of the WINS website by 1st July 2018 to promote gender equality and build professional networks.

Scope the need for a new digital media platform in the Middle East engaging millennials, to complement innovative ongoing media work which challenges harmful gender norms through 'edutainment’ and create safe online and off-line spaces for societal debates on the role of women (and men) in society. Encourage influencers, business leaders and others in my personal and professional networks to support more visibility and funding for this kind of work.

I will ensure a gender perspective is mainstreamed in every speech/presentation I deliver this year.

That the system reaches gender parity at the most senior levels (USG/ASG) for posts in which I have direct authority by the end of 2021, and across the system well before 2030.

Establish gender and disarmament as a programmatic subject on UNIDIR’s research agenda for the period 2018-20.

I will reach out to and engage at least four colleagues from the African Group to join the International Gender Champions - Geneva.

I commit to spearheading and organizing initiatives in Kenya that showcase the empowerment of Kenyan women, and that support and nurture the rights of girls.

Commitment to achieving gender parity in the RBM Partnership leadership positions and partnership mechanisms (Board members, Partner Committee Co-Chairs, RBM Secretariat management team).