Resources: COVID-19 & Gender

COVID-19: A Gender Lens

Disease outbreaks affect women & men differently; pandemics make existing inequalities for women & girls and discrimination of other marginalized groups such as persons with disabilities and those in extreme poverty, worse.

COVID-19: What does this mean for gender?

An opinion piece co-signed by Martin Chungong, Chair of the IGC Global Board and Secretary-General of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, and the International Gender Champions Secretariat.

COVID-19 sex-disaggregated data tracker

Understanding gender is essential to understanding the risk factors of poor health, early death and health inequities. Check out Global Health's live gender data tracker.

Women at the core of the fight against COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is harming health, social and economic well-being worldwide, with women at the centre. Learn more by reading the OECD's report.

UN Secretary-General's Policy Brief: The Impact of COVID-19 on Women

To achieve this, the policy brief emphasizes three cross-cutting priorities: 1) Ensure women's participation, 2) Drive transformative change for equality by addressing the care economy - paid and unpaid, 3) Target women & girls in all efforts to address the socio-economic impacts of the crisis.

Family-friendly policies and other good workplace practices in the context of COVID-19

This ILO-UNICEF-UN Women joint brief provides key steps employers can take to promote family-friendly workplaces.

COVID-19 and Ending Violence Against Women and Girls

This brief highlights emerging evidence of the impact of the recent global pandemic of COVID-19 on violence against women and girls. It makes recommendations for all sectors of society, from governments to international organizations and to civil society organizations in order to prevent and respond to violence against women and girls, at the onset, during, and after the public health crisis with examples of actions already taken.

COVID-19 and violence against women: What the health sector/system can do

A policy brief by the WHO and the Human Reproduction Programme.

COVID-19 and gender: What do we know; what do we need to know?

Learn more about UN Women's data resources, why data is missing, and explore its multiple data dashboards to learn more about gender statistics.

Gender and COVID-19: A guidance note for parliaments

This guidance note was designed by the Inter-Parliamentary Union for parliaments as a resource highlighting recommendations and best practices to help them manage the COVID-19 crisis.

Pre-Webinar IGC Factsheet on the gendered impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic

A document prepared by the IGC Secretariat ahead of the webinar series "COVID-19 & Gender Equality: Living up to the Challenge".