Arancha González
Executive Director, International Trade Centre
Arancha González

Globally, women comprise almost 50% of the population – that is half of humanity. If we are to achieve Global Goals for development, eliminate extreme poverty and environmental sustainability we must tackle inequalities, especially those affecting women. During this half century, one of the biggest imbalances that we see is in the realm of women in the economy – where now more than ever, it is imperative that we work collectively to make equal economic opportunities for men and women a reality.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.
  • With support from the ITC SheTrades Initiative and supporters of the Buenos Aires Declaration on Trade and Women’s Economic Empowerment, share best practices and build the evidence base for more inclusive trade through a series of 6 seminars on: a. Gender-Based Analysis of Trade Policy; b. Enhancing Women Entrepreneurs’ Participation in Public Procurement; c. Connecting Women Entrepreneurs to International Value Chains; d. Promoting Financial Inclusion for Women; e. Women and Trade in Trade Agreements; and f. Women in Digital Trade; as well as create a guide, in the form of a publication for MC12 in December 2019, to help policy-makers, trade and investment institutions, and businesses make trade more gender-responsive (points a, b, and c to be completed in 2018).

  • Reach parity at ITC at the professional category level by 2020 going from 41% to 46% in 2018. Through the joint 2018 ITC-ITU Pilot Mentoring Programme, enhance personal and professional growth of women from G6 levels and above using internal ITC-ITU talents as ‘mentors’.

  • Introduce a mentoring and coaching programme for women to improve parity in the professional categories at ITC by 2018.