Birgit Poniatowski
Executive Director, International AIDS Society
Birgit Poniatowski

For the goal of equality of opportunity for all gender identities to become a reality, we must promote such equality externally through the work our organizations do; internally through our organizational cultures, structures and processes; and personally by modeling appreciation of diversity in our day-to-day behaviour and decisions.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.

I support the IGC gender-based violence pledge.

Personal Commitments

In 2023, IAS is adding a module on gender equity through the lens of healthcare workers, advocates and researchers, to the IAS Mentorship Programmes. The session aims to equip participants with knowledge and tools to address gender-specific issues in their professional contexts. This module will also be open to IAS change makers which include all recipients of IAS grants, fellowships and scholarships. The IAS Mentorship Programmes aim to foster knowledge exchange and build relationships between early-career and established professionals. In 2023, 20 mentees and mentors will be part of a 6-month curriculum that includes virtual learning events, discussions in mentoring circles and team-building activities.
IAS will ensure to systematically apply a gender lens to the programmatic work of the organization as part of its wider commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. This will include conducting a gender analysis of new and on-going projects and activities in our programmatic work.