Christian Dussey
Director, Geneva Center for Security Policy
Christian Dussey

Gender Equality is at the heart of inclusive security policy and sustainable peace.  The International Gender Champions Network provides an important platform for international leadership, collaboration and innovation around this critical issue.  GCSP will continue to be actively involved in this initiative to help improve the capacity of our international community to succeed.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.
  • Organise the first high-level public performance of 'Seven the Play' in Geneva, to raise the importance of women's rights as a security issue across sectors, enable more meaningful engagement and empathetic understanding of the issues by the decision-makers and policy makers, and promote inclusive respectful behaviour in workplaces.

  • Facilitate an internal consultation amongst all staff members to identify ways to further support women leaders in the field of peace and security, and better mainstream gender into our programmes.