Dorothy Tembo
Executive Director ad interim, International Trade Centre
Dorothy Tembo

For trade to deliver on its promise of sustainable and inclusive growth for all, greater efforts must be made to develop trade policies that encourage and support women’s economic empowerment. Through the International Gender Champions, I will continue to support greater engagement and participation of women in the multilateral trading system.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.
  • Further contribute to the strategic development and impact of the International Gender Champion Initiative in my capacity as Co-Chair of the IGC Trade Impact Group. As a Gender Champion, I commit to encourage and only participate in gender-balanced panels; continue to raise the visibility of the need for greater participation of women in trade at the national, regional and multilateral level; and under the framework of the ITC SheTrades Initiative, build the evidence base and country capacity for more gender inclusive trade.

  • Collaborate with Trade Impact Group members to create learning opportunities for public and private stakeholders on topics reflected in the Buenos Aires Declaration on Women and Trade.