Emma Naylor-Ngugi
Regional Director, CARE East, Central and Southern Africa
Emma Naylor-Ngugi

We must deliver gender justice.  Equality of opportunity, freedom of choice, protection from harm – these are basic rights that should be guaranteed for all.  A harm to one is a harm to all.  More than that, we know that when women are in leadership positions in their households, communities, organisations and governments, we are more likely to reduce poverty and suffering more quickly and sustainably.  It all adds up to better lives for everyone.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.
  • Ensure the core values of Gender, Equality and Diversity (GED) become entrenched as key priorities for all staff and departments in CARE and beyond.

  • Ensure 50% of CARE’s senior leadership team in East, Central and Southern Africa are posts taken up by African women.