Houlin Zhao
Secretary-General, International Telecommunication Union
Houlin Zhao

ITU is working towards closing the gender digital divide through several initiatives, including the International Girls in ICT Day, EQUALs, the Global Partnership for Gender Equality in the Digital Age, the EQUALS in Tech Awards, as well as the Broadband Commission Working Groups including one on the Digital Gender Divide. Internally, ITU recognizes that gender equality helps foster a more creative and effective organization which is linked to increased productivity and innovation. Much still remains to be done to achieve equal representation of women and men at all levels both in the sector and at ITU. It is with great pleasure as an Geneva Gender Champion, to further strengthen our efforts in the area and to work together to break down gender barriers.


I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.
  • I commit to increase the number of countries collecting and disseminating global/regional/national gender- and age-disaggregated data on access to, and use of, ICTs and digital skills; and to reinforce our efforts to help countries to have the necessary capacity to collect the required data.

  • I commit to launch a public outreach campaign to raise awareness and promote equal access to ICT infrastructure.