I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja
Ambassador and Permanent Representative, Embassy of Indonesia to The Netherlands
I Gusti Agung Wesaka Puja

"We strive to see a world where equality persist. A campaign for gender equality calls for a universal approach. None of us will succeed when others are held back. While Indonesia has ratified the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, it is up for us to translate our ideals into deeds and transforming government policies to societal participation. I am pleased to join the Gender Champions’ initiative and be part of this noble effort."

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.
  • Empowering women nurses-by exporting nursing and care giving health services from Indonesia to the Netherlands which not only addresses employment opportunity but also address health care security;

  • Encouraging and supporting women entrepreneur’s contributions and transform their local communities by providing opportunities available for them such as, (a) by helping expose their products/ services through trade exhibitions available in the Netherlands (b) by increasing their recognition by connecting them through networking and social events;