Isabelle Gattiker
Director, International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights
Isabelle Gattiker

The FIFDH is proud to be a Gender Champion. As a public event, we have a responsibility to promote the invaluable commitment of courageous women, fighting not only for women rights, but also for everyone, for human rights. They are key models. My belief is that gender equality and gender diversity should not be a dream, nor even a challenge, but just the norm.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.

I commit to undertake the following:

  • Have at least two debates at the Human Rights Film Festival centered around women's rights and/or gender equality, partnering with at least 3 different women’s organizations and NGO’s.

  • Identify no less than 15 progressive and courageous women and invite them to Geneva. We will make sure that on the framework of their participation to the Human Rights Film Festival they also have strategic meetings and sponsorship opportunities.