Ivana Hrdlickova
President, Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL)
Ivana Hrdlickova

"Gender equality will not fully materialize without acknowledgment of the underlying causes of women’s inequalities and their everyday manifestations in society. The commitment and participation of both women and men is necessary to inspire this and future generations to welcome and support women’s leadership and women's perspectives in all fields of work and at all levels of society."

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.
  • To endorse initiatives that facilitate an inclusive environment to ensure effective involvement of both men and women in solving gender rights issues, through organizing discussion groups about these issues, in their respective work environment, as well as ensuring continuity of awareness through events and talks, supporting professional networking and making available relevant trainings and material to staff members.

  • To promote and contribute to a healthy, positive and productive life balance for employees within the institution by: a) raising awareness and responsibility amongst leaders and staff of this institutional priority; b) encouraging and empowering both women and men to strive towards achieving an increased level of personal satisfaction in their lives of which the workplace forms a integrative part; c) implementing new strategies after assessing the work environment from the gender perspective, which supports employees self- awareness and control in leading a healthy and balanced life which improves productivity in the work place.