Jennifer Brant
Director, Innovation Insights
Jennifer Brant

These commitments are personal. They are about giving back. This year, I will continue to support talented female public policy professionals to achieve their full potential, at the same time working to inspire and empower young adults to pursue gender equality. 


I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.
  • Building on my previous work as a Gender Champion, I will organize workshops and other forms of engagement with young adults (age 15 - 18). My goal is to raise their awareness about gender equality, to brainstorm with them about challenges and solutions in relation to gender inequality, and provide them with tools and confidence to effectively fight gender inequality as they move towards university and, later, the workplace.

  • Mentor and, more importantly, sponsor two female professionals working in the area of public policy, in order to enhance their professional capabilities, confidence, networks, and impact. Support them in securing roles that will challenge them, advance their careers, and provide the visibility and remuneration they deserve.