Khalid Koser
Executive Director, Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund
Khalid Koser

It is crucial to promote gender parity in efforts to prevent violent extremism. It is only through inclusion – by empowering, engaging, and integrating in their communities people of all genders and backgrounds – that we can hope to defeat the absolutist, exclusive, and lethal scourge of violent extremism.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.
  • Within our monitoring and evaluation (M&E) function, maintain and promote a narrative inclusive of beneficiary data divided by sex. Incorporate a gender lens into all assessments, including baseline assessments, Third-Party Monitoring, and end-of-grant evaluation.

  • Further improve GCERF HR policies and regulations (content, benefits and language) through the prism of gender equality. Improve GCERF’s code of conduct and ethics policies that clearly describe the organisation’s policy on gender equality but more broadly on inclusion.