Khalid Koser
Executive Director, Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund
Khalid Koser

It is crucial to promote gender parity in efforts to prevent violent extremism. It is only through inclusion – by empowering, engaging, and integrating in their communities people of all genders and backgrounds – that we can hope to defeat the absolutist, exclusive, and lethal scourge of violent extremism.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.
  • Through gender responsive policies and practices, to provide and regularly monitor a work environment where people of all genders and backgrounds can contribute meaningfully to the organisation, are empowered to perform at their best, and can be professionally satisfied.

  • To accelerate gender equality, and to empower women and girls, through all phases of GCERF grant making and grant management – from providing guidance, to setting markers, to monitoring and evaluation (M&E) – towards achieving community resilience against violent extremism. To strengthen our core principle of gender responsiveness, GCERF will institutionalise gender across its monitoring and evaluation (M&E) practice, in order to: assess the outcomes and impacts of its preventing violent extremism interventions on women, girls, boys, and men; reflect the growing evidence base on the role of masculinities and femininities in vulnerability to and prevention of violent extremism; and incorporate lessons learned and best practices into future project design.