Khojesta Fana Ebrahimkhel
Ambassador and Permanent Representative, Embassy and Permanent Mission of Afghanistan in Vienna
Khojesta Fana Ebrahimkhel

I am greatly honored to be able to join the International Gender Champions, which gives me the opportunity to continue my work -- now in my new role as Ambassador of Afghanistan in Vienna – in promoting equal rights for men and women. Previously, I - inter alia - campaigned as a social activist for Afghan refugees and for women’s rights, and I published articles on women’s rights. Also, I have established the Association of Afghan Women Diplomats. I am fully committed to the empowerment of women and to gender equality, and I will undertake to make significant contributions to prevent violence and abuse against women.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.
  • I am committed to closely cooperate with colleagues, women and men, at other Permanent Missions, at the Vienna-based organizations, civil society organizations and similar counterparts and stakeholders to advance women’s rights and to tackle violence against women, including through resolutions, declarations and statements.

  • I pledge to contribute to the empowerment of women and to address existing disparities between men and women, with a view to eventually achieving gender equality and I am dedicated to help to facilitate provision of additional educational and professional opportunities for girls and women.