Lisa Helfand
Ambassador, Embassy of Canada to the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Global Board
Lisa Helfand

I am fortunate to represent Canada in the city of International Justice. To be effective in our efforts to pursue accountability for the most serious international crimes and to stop the use of chemical weapons, we cannot ignore the voices, talents, and needs of 50% of the population.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.

I support the IGC gender-based violence pledge.

Personal Commitments

I will continue to use my platform as Ambassador and Permanent Representative, including through Canada’s position as a member of the ASP Bureau as well as the OPCW Executive Council, to advance gender equality in international organizations based in The Hague. This will include (a) supporting OPCW efforts to strengthen diversity & inclusion within the Technical Secretariat, and to apply a gender and diversity lens to its programs and activities to strengthen the implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention, (b) supporting ASP efforts to further strengthen gender priorities and supporting ICC efforts to develop a strategy on Gender Equality and Workplace culture, (c) advancing the ‘Call It What It Is’ campaign and other SGBV accountability initiatives, and (d) co-chairing the International Justice Impact group of IGC Den Haag.
As a member of the IGC Global Board and as Ambassador I will use my position to continue to promote an organizational culture of gender equality & diversity within the Canadian Embassy. This will include taking an intersectional approach to issues faced by young women, persons of colour, LGBT+ persons, and persons with disabilities. I intend to achieve this, in part, by developing a mission-wide gender & diversity pledge focusing efforts to integrate gender priorities, as well as offering training for staff and managers on addressing discrimination and harassment in the workplace.