Manizha Bakhtari
Ambassador, Embassy and Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Vienna
Manizha Bakhtari

Women must be given the opportunity to partake in all levels of leadership in order to establish peace, tranquility, justice and equality. In order to do this, leaders must tap into the extensive and vital networks of female leaders, which most countries have. Once accessed, these networks can provide women the ability to offer unique perspectives and methods of solving national and international issues. This is particularly important, as change can only be achieved when it is accompanied with decision-making power.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.

I support the IGC gender-based violence pledge.

Personal Commitments

Become a mentor for one young female student through the Women in International Security (WIIS) Austria’s Mentoring Programme 2021/2022. I will offer guidance and expertise, enhance her competency, and thereby encourage her to enter the diplomatic field in the area of international security.
Lead the Representation Impact Group aiming to implement the Gender-Responsive Assemblies toolkit in Vienna and improve equal representation of women at assemblies of Vienna-based entities.