Marie-Claire Graf
Co-Founder, Youth Negotiators Academy
Marie-Claire Graf

Diverse young women must take their seats at the environmental decision-making tables. They are the catalysts that spark the transformative fire of climate just action, igniting hope and progress we urgently need.


I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.

I support the IGC gender-based violence pledge.

Personal Commitments

I commit to increasing the representation of young women, particularly those from underrepresented groups such as rural, indigenous, ethnic minority, and displaced women, in multilateral environmental-related decision-making processes. To do so, I will work with the Youth Negotiators Academy (and relevant organizations) to provide tailored training for young women to engage in multilateral environmental decision-making (UNFCCC & UNCCD). I will then track and report the number of young women from underrepresented groups trained by the Youth Negotiators Academy (YNA) who are actively participating in the decision-making processes before and after our efforts using data from annual reports, comparing consecutive COPs. This commitment aligns with the goal of promoting gender equity, intergenerational leadership and addressing the underrepresentation of specific groups in environmental decision-making.
I commit to advocating for more feminist and intersectional climate justice-informed policies. I will do so by staying informed about current climate justice research and policies to effectively incorporate them into speeches and lectures. I will also strive to keep a record of the number of speeches and lectures where climate justice policies are mentioned and integrated into the discourse. This commitment is aligned with the goal of promoting gender-sensitive climate justice and ensuring that these principles are integrated into policy discussions.