Marie-Hélène Proulx
President, The International Criminal Court Bar Association (ICCBA)
Marie-Hélène Proulx

The legal profession has everything to gain from being a more inclusive space. At a time when most law students are women, we must ensure that the profession provides an environment that is safe and that respects work-life balance, to allow them to thrive and reach the highest levels. Gender parity not only benefits the legal community, it also serves the interests of the clients we represent, and of justice as a whole.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.

I support the IGC gender-based violence pledge.

Personal Commitments

Engage with the work of ICC Focal Point for Gender Equality and consider creating a counterpart role within the ICCBA to promote gender equality Court-wide, including within External teams for Defence and Victims.
Represent, advocate and work together with the support staff of ICC external teams for Defence and Victims, in obtaining basic labour rights, including paid parental/sick/annual leave, minimun wage, protection against summary dismissal and protection from bullying and harassment.