Martin Chungong
Secretary-General, Inter-Parliamentary Union, Chair of the IGC Global Board
Martin Chungong

Gender equality is the responsibility of all and progress will only be achieved if we all play our part. We need to challenge those who have not been playing theirs.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.
  • Make IPU Assemblies ever more gender-responsive, including by: a) Ensuring that at least 30% of participants in IPU Assemblies are women and that all decision-making structures of the IPU reach 40% by 2021; b) Continuing to organise yearly “Parity Debates” during IPU Assemblies, where there is gender parity on the panel and gender balance among participants; c) Developing a framework to promote a sexism-free and harassment-free environment at IPU Assemblies for implementation by 2021.

  • In addition to the IGC Panel Parity Pledge, I commit to: Step up efforts to ensure that gender equality is part and parcel of the IPU's work and functioning, including by: a) Carrying out an assessment of the Organization’s gender mainstreaming capacity, work environment and policies from a gender perspective in 2020; b) Testing a gender mainstreaming tool for all programmes of support to parliaments for implementation by 2021; and c) Enhancing the visibility of data on the gender composition of all panels that the IPU organises at regional and international meetings.