Martin Eyjólfsson
Current Ambassador, Iceland to Germany, Former Ambassador, Permanent Mission of Iceland to the United Nations in Geneva
Martin Eyjólfsson

I, Martin Eyjólfsson, support the GGC Panel Parity Pledge.

As the Permanent Representative of the Mission of Iceland to the United Nations in Geneva, I commit to also undertake the following:

Strive for a balance of work and family life for both women and men. We will, inter alia, avoid calling meetings in the early morning or late afternoon.

In our dialogue with Geneva headquartered international organizations encourage organizations to a) promote gender balance at management levels (P5 or equivalent and above) and b) explicitely integrate the gender dimension in programme policies and normative and operational work.

As an extension to our Gender Panel Parity Pledge, aim in general to have at least one representative of the underrepresented sex as speaker when organizing panel discussions and events. This will include a specific effort to also ensure men’s participation in debates and events on gender related issues.

*Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are working together to realize their three commitme

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.

I support the IGC gender-based violence pledge.