Merav Zafary-Odiz
Ambassador, Permanent Mission of Israel to the IAEA and the CTBTO-PREPCOM
Merav Zafary-Odiz

I believe that making progress is largely about providing access to women and increasing their participation. Once access is provided they thrive and excel to the benefit of all.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.

I commit to undertake the following:

  • Support and facilitate the establishment of an official Women in Nuclear (WiN) chapter in Israel, aimed at creating a network of Israeli women working in fields related to nuclear energy. In 2018 we aim to hold a launching event.

  • Encourage the increased participation of Israeli women scientists, and other relevant professionals in the nuclear field, in IAEA and CTBTO activities, including by personally conduction outreach among senior management in the Israel Atomic Energy Commission and its nuclear centers.