Monica Ferro
Director, UNFPA Geneva Office
Monica Ferro

Gender parity is the cornerstone for peace, development and human rights. A world with more dignity depends on the work we do around these three pillars and on our commitment to leave no one behind. If we are truly committed to build a better world, empowering women and girls, providing them with universal access to Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, fulfilling every young’s person potential, focusing on adolescents girls, is not just one of the many things we could do, but it is the right investment to do.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.
  • Promote work life balance in the Geneva Office of UNFPA by, inter alia, not conveying meetings early in the morning or late in the afternoon, striving to make the agenda and work initiatives predictable, allowing staff members to better organize their own personal - work balance, encouraging them to take the adequate time leave. The Director will also endeavor to lead by example.

  • Make available training courses and knowledge materials on gender parity, gender impact and other human rights issues related to parity, in order to foster career and professional development. The training will be provided by the Fund, and the Director of the Office will work with the interested staff to secure enough time to conduct the training.