Nazrene Mannie
Executive Director, GAN Global Apprenticeship Network
Nazrene Mannie

I am grateful for this opportunity to leverage and tap into our powerful and extensive network of business leaders and policy-makers who are at the forefront of training, employment, and advancement opportunities for women in the workplace. 2020 has revealed inequities in the workplace more than ever before, and the urgency needed to adapt to automation, has been greatly exposed. 2021 is the year to act quickly on fostering policies to nurture new skills in the workplace. Ensuring parity can only happen if we have both business leaders and policy makers on board for new skilling initiatives.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.
  • Share industry best practices by highlighting and leveraging inclusive and digital work-based learning opportunities created by business leaders and policy makers in our network who are thought leaders and pioneers in this field, and ensure a smoother recovery from the pandemic, by fostering more access to digital skills, especially for vulnerable groups.

  • Internally for my organization, act as a mentor and lead all of my team members so they can reach their fullest potential, especially in the context of adapting to our new digital environments.