Philippe Kridelka
Ambassador and Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of Belgium to the United Nations in New York
Philippe Kridelka

Gender inequality is a systemic issue. As a society we must actively work together to uproot it and achieve equality for all. I pledge to do my part, together with all colleagues at the Belgian Mission to the UN. Every one of us has a responsibility in taking concrete steps towards realizing that goal.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.

Personal Commitments

Use our platform to raise the voices of women civil society and feminist organizations, as well as advocate to increasingly use our own funds and galvanize the donor community to support them in their work. When organizing civil society side events, we commit to actively search to invite female participants from civil society, including young women. We will also increasingly use our social media to support the mandates and UN interventions of female and gender equality centered civil society briefers and special mandate holders.
Promote a gender inclusive and gender sensitive work environment within my mission, including by 1) actively supporting and promoting career advancement of women colleagues especially into leadership positions as well as breaking down advancement barriers, 2) regularly and continuously communicating to staff our commitment to gender equality, 3) enforcing a zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment and sexism and 4) by having regular working hours and supporting women and men who require flexible work arrangements for all types of family responsibilities.