René Rosager Dinesen
Ambassador, Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of Denmark to the United Nations in Vienna
René Rosager Dinesen

The best decisions are made when a diverse range of views and perspectives are considered. An equal voice of all genders helps ensure diversity and good decisions. Silencing the voices of some is detrimental to us all.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.

I support the IGC gender-based violence pledge.

Personal Commitments

I will work to end sexual harassment in the work environment by committing to a zero-tolerance policy against sexual harassment, and by facilitating and engaging in a continuous and open dialogue with employees about sexual harassment and how to prevent it.
I will promote work-family life balance among staff in my Mission through: 1) Early information and advance notice of meetings to enhance predictability and planning, 2) Avoid calling meetings taking place during evenings, weekends and public holidays and 3) a policy not to require staff attention to work matters during holidays.