Richard Lennane
Executive Director, Geneva Disarmament Platform
Richard Lennane

Integrating gender perspectives benefits all aspects of disarmament work, from clearing landmines, to controlling the arms trade, to monitoring AI, biotech, and cyberweapons, to negotiating treaties. The GDP is committed to demonstrating in practical ways just how much including gender perspectives can make a difference.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.
  • Ensure gender balance at GDP events, monitor and report on the gender composition of all GDP panels and attendees.

  • Hold at least two events to discuss gender perspectives in the context of disarmament activities (e.g.: a series of discussions on Gender in Disarmament, aimed at challenging the problematic gender identities and patriarchal construction often manifest in the field of national security/militarism, and at examining gendered effects of the use/trade of weapons).