Richard Sadleir
Ambassador, Permanent Representative, Australian Embassy to Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Hungary, Slovakia & Slovenia and Permanent Mission to the IAEA, UNODC, CTBTO, UNOOSA & OSCE
Richard Sadleir

Gender equality in all organisations is a necessary goal — it leads to better thinking, better performance and better outcomes.  We can all play a part by focusing on local, practical steps.  Male champions of change are critical in this regard, helping to drive the adoption of actions that lead to lasting and meaningful changes in the workplace.  I am looking forward to playing my part.  If we all take small steps but make it a priority, this necessary goal will be within reach.  As we often say in Australia, from little things, big things grow.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.

Personal Commitments

Provide support for gender equality and gender mainstreaming efforts at the Australian Permanent Mission’s multilateral accreditations by advocating for dedicated gender teams and focal points at all organisations and for sufficient resources to support these efforts, working with other missions to establish a gender equality ‘toolkit’ for focal points to provide support, guidance and mentoring for female employees, sharing information, guidance and lessons learned from the Australian Government and providing contact details for organisations and forums in Vienna to share ideas and lessons learned (or, to avoid repetition, ‘best practices’).
Champion the role of women in business and in government with the Australian Embassy’s bilateral countries of accreditation. This will be achieved by meeting with senior women in business and government during every trip outside Austria to a country of accreditation, supporting women in business and government through projects focused on gender equality, refusing to speak at a panel event if there are no women speakers, and encouraging female role models in senior positions to participate in events virtually as much as possible.