Roberto Azevêdo
Director-General, World Trade Organization
Roberto Azevêdo

I strongly believe that with relentless commitment and concrete institutional action we can achieve gender parity. We can also ensure that gender equality becomes second nature to all.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.
  • Work to further incorporate gender dimensions into trade -related through raising awareness on the link between trade and gender; facilitating WTO members' action on trade and gender including the implementation of the Buenos Aires Declaration; generating new data on the impact of trade on women; and, providing training to government officials and to women entrepreneurs.

  • Provide on-going training and developmental initiatives relating to leadership, strategic networking and work/life balance. Offer mentoring, peer coaching and executive coaching interventions so that female staff at all levels receive tailored, sustained support to best manage their careers. Undertake an assessment process. Establish a network for female directors in the WTO Secretariat and UN organizations.