Roger Howsley
Co-Founder and Executive Director, World Institute for Nuclear Security
Roger Howsley

I am proud to join the International Gender Champion initiative and will ensure that WINS promotes gender equality in everything we do. Not because it is politically fashionable but because it is morally right for everyone to have the opportunity to reach their potential without bias, prejudice or false constraints.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.
  • In 2020 WINS will increase the participation of women in all of its programmes to 30% from the current level of participation of 25% through the use of social media and WINS website to promote positive stories from women in the sector and by highlighting the broad range of career paths available in the sector.

  • From 2018 onwards, target women inclusion in WINS workshops and WINS Academy courses to improve the gender balance, provide WINS Academy scholarships for women, measure progress at every level and communicate progress and results regularly.