Sabine Nölke
Ambassador, Embassy of Canada to the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Sabine Nölke

I work in diplomacy, international law and peace and security – fields that are still dominated by men. I was fortunate to have had glass ceilings shattered for me, by a strong woman who became my inspiration; I see my own role now as helping to steady the ladder for others.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.
  • Promote gender equality and diversity within my own organization through appropriate hiring decisions, mentoring, and training, including participation in the ministry-wide women's network and providing mentoring to candidates in promotion processes.

  • Use my platform as Ambassador and Permanent Representative to advance gender equality in international organizations resident in The Hague, including by introducing language on gender equality in relevant resolutions and decisions and by working to launch the IGC initiative in The Hague and actively promoting its goals and objectives by facilitating programming and other events for the IGC hub in The Hague.