Simonetta Di Pippo
Director, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs
Simonetta Di Pippo

It is disappointing that, in the 21st century, and in fields like the space sector, which is known for breaking boundaries, we are still not making the most of what women have to contribute. We have a lot to do to make "Space for Women", and I am committed to getting it done.

I support the IGC Panel Parity Pledge.

Personal Commitments

Implement the ‘Space for Women’ project to facilitate the strengthening of the awareness, capacity and skills of individuals and institutions related to the importance of promoting gender equality in the space sector. Focus on the following in 2021: a. Expand and consolidate the Space For Women Mentor Group b. Launch a Space4Women Coordination Network c. Organize a Space4Women Expert meeting in Brazil and Soul during the 4th quarter 2021
As a champion of the UNOOSA Space4Women project - advise and encourage stakeholders, entities and organisations to launch or support, as appropriate, measures, decisions and initiatives promoting gender equality across the entire spectrum of their activities in the space domain. Make sure that the goals and objectives of the Space for Women project are also transferred to UNOOSA activities with a focus to further increase women's participation in UNOOSA events and activities.